Digital assets can be a minefield for even the most experienced traders. So when a platform comes along that makes trading easier for the regular consumer, it behooves us all to sit up and take notice.

Craider today launched an automated digital asset management platform that consists of a web portal, a multi-functional exchange, and a mobile messenger bot to execute trades using data-driven analytics.

So how does it work?

Craider lets subscribers make trades with a single tap of a finger. The bot aggregates multiple exchange accounts and executes trades automatically, sending real-time notifications to alert users to immediate buy, sell, and exchange opportunities.

The platform offers integrations with significant crypto exchanges, such as Kraken, Binance, and Poloniex, with more options on the way. In addition, Craider offers integrations with most Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets, giving users one-tap automated trades and executions. The platform provides instant industry updates and includes automatic arbitrage detection and execution.

All of this is powered by machine learning. Craider offers trading signals based on daily analysis, not just using current data, but also by learning from aggregated historical data, online sentiment examination, and (soon) social network analysis. While the Telegram bot gives subscribers access to those automated services, the web-based trading platform consolidates data into a multi-exchange, one-window interface that includes cold wallet integration for security purposes.

“Currently, our basic machine learning models send out custom alerts and notifications…