SEO and content marketing are becoming the major elements of promoting any kind of online business or service. Amount of traffic, number of followers, they all rank your site in google.

Your Google rank is the major key as far as marketing is concerned. But how can you rank high on google? Some say ‘content is the key.’The quantity and quality of content on your blog have an effect on your ranking on Google. In this aspect, there are many questions and figuring out what type of content you need? How long or short should it be? And how to optimize your article to rank in Google?

To all these questions.W e have put some cool advice on content. To help you maximize your blog’s visibility.

How much content do I need?

The answer to this question is simple. The more content you have, the better it is for your blog. More content is better, but only if you are delivering something that your audience finds valuable. Google looks at quality and quantity both into account. So make sure everything you post is top quality. Build it slowly rather than doing it quickly.

How much content do I need to rank well on Google

The answer to this question is around 500 words. It is assumed to be good enough to deliver useful information. Try not to make your article so long because the long article will make people lose interest in reading.

The very important thing to notice when talking about the length of your content is your audience. Some topics need more words to provide information.while some may require very few words to provide information.

Using very few words can make your reader feeling cheated and using too many words can overload the audience and they can get bored. So, as a result, i will say there is only one rule here. That is:

Use only the number of words that are required to deliver the information.


They are very important to rank your site. The premise is quiet easy: by selecting specific words, you know your audience will look for and include them in your content.

Be as clear as possible

Use easy to read words and headings. Include graphics and images to explain your text.

Keep your paragraphs short

Take advantage off bullet points and numbered lists, high light major information using italic, bold or underline.

Be conversational than formal.

Be fair about the price of your service.


While the simple answer to the question of how much content is needed to rank highly on Google is ‘the more, the better,’ quality over quantity is a deciding factor. Ensure your content is of high quality, that you provide 80% value and 20% sales, and follow the above guidelines for length and SEO optimization, and you will surely be on the way to a higher Google ranking!