Connecting phone to Windows 10 PC

Who likes reading a very long-form article on a little phone screen? Windows 10 Fall Creators Update provides a new ( connecting phone to windows 10 PC)  Settings app that allows you connect your phone to your computer. Once the connection is made, you can then send articles from your phone to your computer to finish reading at your ease.

Establishing a connection

1. To link your phone, open the Settings application on your PC and tap Phone.

Connecting phone to Windows 10 PC

2. Sign in to your Microsoft account if you aren’t already and then click Add a phone.

Connecting phone to Windows 10 PC3. Feed your phone number in phone number field, and tap Send.


4. You will receive a confirmation code message to your phone to create a connection, To make the link between phone and computer, you will require to install Edge and then sign into your Microsoft account.

5. Restart your PC, and you will notice that your phone listed on the Phone page in Settings, showing you that your PC is linked.

Share links

When surfing on Edge on your phone, hit the share button in the middle of the bottom menu bar. It will show the Device name of your PC listed. Hit that, and you’ll immediately open a new tab in Edge on your computer.

Another choice on the share menu is Continue later. Tap that and it’ll send a notification to your PC as a helpful reminder to read later.

To open the Windows notification center, tap the icon in the lower-right corner of your computer. It will have a section  with titled Continue from your phone

You can also send links to your PC from the mobile Cortana app in the same way as Edge.

Change device name of your PC

Before you start throwing links from your phone to your PC, you probably did not think about the official Device name of your computer. If it’s an ugly jumble of numbers, then you can change it to something more pleasing. To do, go to  Settings then go to system and in system click about, under device specifications tap the Rename this PC . Give it a new name, click Next, and after a restart, your PC will begin answering to its new name.

Connecting phone to Windows 10 PC