Microsoft SCCM Lab Setup Part III: Configure DHCP

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Microsoft SCCM Lab Setup Part III: Configure DHCP

In my previous post, I showed how to install active directory and DHCP. In this post I will show you how to Configure DHCP for Microsoft SCCM home Lab.

Lets get started …

Configure DHCP :

  1. Login to your “DC01” and launch Server Manager Dashboard. Click on info Flag and select “Complete DHCP Configuration”.
    configure dhcp
  2. Click ” Next”
  3.  Leave “Use the Following User’s credentials” checked. The User Name for you will be different that mine. The system should populate User name. (Leave everything default) and click ” Commit”
    configure DHCP
  4. Click “Close”. DHCP Setup is complete. In next step I will setup Scope.
  5. Click on “Tools” Top right Menu on Server manager Dashboard and Select “DHCP”
    setup dhcp scope

    What is IPv4 Scope?
    A Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) scope is the consecutive range of possible IP addresses that the DHCP server can lease to clients on a subnet. Scopes typically define a single physical subnet on your network to which DHCP services are offered.

  6. Select the machine name (In my case its Right click on IPv4 and select “New Scope”


  7. Click “Next”
    Configure scope IPV4
  8. Enter Name and Description of Name IPv4 Scope and Click “Next”

  9. Enter Start IP Address, End IP Address, Subnet Mask and Click “Next”.
    Note! IP Address Range is the pool of IP Addresses that DHCP server will use to automatically assign the IP address to newly connected machine to the network.
    DHCP IPV4 range
  10. You can add any exclusion IP Addresses in this section if you desire to do so. I’m going to leave everything empty and click “Next”

    DHCP Exclusion list

  11. Enter the Lease time duration and Click “Next”.
    IP Lease Time
  12. Check “Yes, I want to configure these options now” and click “Next”.

  13. Enter Router (Defaulter Gateway) IP address and click “Next”.  This IP address is your route out.

    Router Default gateway

  14. Enter Domain Server Name, Click Resolve. It should populate the IP address of DC01 automatically. Click “Add” to add the IP Address and then Click “Next”.

    Domain Name and DNS Server

  15. Wins Server are out of scope for this post. Leave everything empty and click “Next”.

    Wins Servers

  16. Check “Yes I want to activate this scope Now” and Click “Next”

    activate scope

  17. Click “Finish”
    Completeting the New Scope Wizard

This concludes the configuration of DHCP Server and IPv4 Scope.

If you want to see the Stats of the scope right click on the scope and select “Display Statistics…”

This conclude the Configure DHCP post. In my next post, I will show you how to setup Microsoft SQL Server 2016 for System Center Configuration(SCCM) lab. Please feel free to leave your questions or comments below.


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