Cryptocurrency exchanges are legion, but one thing ties the majority of these trading platforms together: They rely on linking value to Bitcoin.

After Coinage recently announced the launch of its mobile-friendly cryptocurrency exchange, I asked the company’s CEO, Chad Pankewitz, about the future of cryptocurrency trading.

“From a long-term perspective, we want to take a stand, and the first steps toward moving the market away from being tied to Bitcoin,” Pankewitz said. “There are thousands of projects in cryptocurrency — distributed apps, blockchain use cases, and smart contract platforms across every industry vertical. Each has their own project, company, team, utility, levels of funding, traction, community, and business model. We believe these companies’ valuations should not be tied to Bitcoin and should be valued on their individual merits, much like a traditional stock market.”

That’s an unusual view, now that Bitcoin has become so crucial to the entire blockchain ecosystem. Coinage, however, sees decoupling from Bitcoin as a necessary step.

“For our customers, this approach brings a couple of things,” Pankewitz said. “When trading and investing, it is much easier to understand numbers in dollar terms versus Bitcoin terms. It is crazy that we are made to figure out these difficult decimal numbers, such as BTC 0.0014758, when trading. We want to bring simplicity back to trading crypto.”

But ease of use isn’t the only goal here. Stability is an essential part of Coinage’s approach.

“By having one stable side to the trading pair, it allows the exchange to manage risk…