Pearl Abyss, the maker of Black Desert Online, has agreed to buy Eve Online maker CCP for $425 million. The move is a big expansion into the West for the South Korean maker of online role-playing games.

The acquisition of Iceland-based CCP sheds light on Pearl Abyss, which isn’t well known on a global scale yet has more than 9.5 million registered players for Black Desert Online, many of whom have surged back since the launch of the MMORPG’s Remastered campaign in late August.

The deal shows the massive capital advantage that Asian game companies have when it comes to acquisitions, as their big online gaming player bases and confident investors enable them to amass a lot of money to acquire Western game companies.

But Pearl Abyss CEO Robin Jung said in an email interview with GamesBeat that CCP’s dedicated fans have nothing to worry about. No changes are coming at CCP and in its flagship game. The deal closes October 12, but Jung, 38, answered a variety of our questions related to the deal.

Here’s an edited transcript of the interview.

GamesBeat: What’s Pearl Abyss’s history? When was it founded? How many employees does it have? What is its annual revenues?

Robin Jung: Pearl Abyss was founded in 2010 by our current chairman and development director, Daeil Kim, who is behind the creation of the open-world MMORPG Black Desert Online. After an open beta test in 2014, Black Desert Online launched the following year in Korea, Japan, and Russia, followed by North America and Europe in 2016. Today, more than 10 million users in 150 countries play the game in 12 different languages.

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