Build Links With Images

“A picture can be worth a thousand words.”When we talk about online marketing, one image can be more important than a thousand links.

When we talk about online marketing, a single link image can be worth a thousand links!

So here’s how you build links with images:

How To Create Images That Attract Links

Great visual effects do more than just put words to images; they must offer creativity, clarity, or new insights on a popular topic.

So I prefer to avail cheap services like Fiverr whenever I have to design a simple image.

Alot of different design gigs are available on Fiverr.

The main drawback of Fiverr is that you need to give a lot of direction and since it begins at $5 you get what you pay for.

Audit Images That Build You Links

We hear a lot of you saying that: I don’t have any image ideas or I can not afford Fiverr or I am very lazy…..

Don’t get stressed. The fact is that every website has images that they can asset for link building.

Most of the time your images are used, but you don’t even notice it.

I call this ‘link harvesting,’ this saves your time and does not cost any additional resources.

Begin by doing an image audit to locate all of the images that could be used to create links.

For example:

  • Logos —  Includes all old logos.
  • Brand Mascots — Some good examples are Ronald Mc Donald and Google Android.
  • Infographics
  • Product Photos
  • Badges / Awards
  • Employee Photos

Notice all the images that you think have the potential to attract some links and move to the next step.

Find Who Is Using Your Images

When you upload the images, it is time to find if the images are being used.

Suppose if someone is using your images you can request that they link to you as the source.

Handy Image Search Tools

Just load your image into any of these tools and you will  get a list of pages where your  image was used:


Build Links With Images

It is recommended to use both tools, because more likely they will give you different search results.

How To Automate Image Link Building

TinEye and Google Image Search is best to check images. But, if you want to check back monthly, to see if anyone new has picked up your image.These tools are complicated to use.

Instead, use a tool called Image Raider.

This tool will give you a ton of free credits to start and let you automate checking your images.

It’s simple

  1. Put images to Image Raider
  2. Set time  frequency of how often to check
  3. Get emailed when they find new occurrences
  4. Email them asking for a link to your image

Always Check Pages For Links

Image Raider lets you know where the images are being used

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is a good tool to check if a given page has any linking points.

Take Action

We covered a lot, so let’s sum up an action plan so you can start growing your backlink profile with images:

  1. Create awesome images!
  2. Keep a list of all the images you own for your website (Ex: Logo, Infographics, etc.)
  3. See if images are being used online
  4. Automate image discovery
  5. Check the pages to see if they are already linking
  6. Email those who are not linking and request they link to you as the source

By following these steps I assure you  that you will find and create new link opportunities each month.