Emergency rooms are seeing people injured on scooters, or by tripping over them, but there’s no hard data on how many. Officials are looking to start collecting this information as they consider scooter regulations.

Posted on August 20, 2018, at 12:05 p.m. ET

Mario Tama / Getty Images

Earl Wilkinson never imagined his first ride on a Bird this summer would end with him flying over the handlebars of his motorized scooter and faceplanting into the sidewalk. The 52-year-old was gliding along the street, as instructed by the app, but after seeing other riders on the sidewalk, he tried to scoot up the sidewalk ramp — which is when he suddenly lost control. Wilkinson torpedoed forward, landing on his head, breaking his arm, knocking out his two front teeth, and smashing his glasses. He took an Uber to the emergency room; the next morning, he went to a dentist.

“I cringe thinking of the impact of my nose, face, teeth, mouth, and chin on the concrete — then tasting what I thought were salt grains. In fact, they were teeth remnants,” Wilkinson said.

Earl Wilkinson

Earl Wilkinson at his dentist’s office getting his front teeth repaired.