Bay Area biotechnology company Bolt Threads has launched its second consumer-focused garment in the form of a Best Made-branded hat that combines bioengineered spider silk with wool fibers.

Priced at $198, the head-warmer is limited to just 100 units and goes on sale today through

Founded in 2009, Bolt Threads has previously stated that its mission is to engineer the “next generation of high-performance fashion fibers.” The company launched out of stealth in 2015 and went on to raise $90 million in venture capital funding, including a $50 million tranche last May that coincided with a new partnership with outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia. The company is also in the middle of raising another $106 million, according to this SEC filing, though it appears to have only secured around half that amount at this time.

Bolt Threads recently announced its first ever acquisition when it snapped up Best Made Company, a New York-based outdoor apparel company. Thus, the duo’s first collaborative product is the Best Made Microsilk Cap of Courage.

Above: Cap of Courage combines synthetic spider silk and wool

Today’s launch comes nine months after Bolt Threads launched another limited edition product, a $314 necktie that was made entirely from synthetic spider silk.

Working at the molecular level, Bolt Threads wants to transform the textiles market through leveraging renewable raw materials for its products. The company studied silk protein deposits to determine why silk has such quality and strength and then recreated these proteins in a lab by fermenting yeast, sugar, and…

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