Atlassian updated its Bitbucket source control software today with a new feature that’s designed to help companies keep track of all the different changes they’ve made to applications managed with it. The new Deployments feature will keep track of what changes people made when, and how far those changes are from being pushed into a production environment.

Modern software development is moving towards releasing many changes as quickly as multiple times per day, which is a far cry from the old method of releasing a few releases every year. While that shift means new features come out faster, more deployments can also produce additional instability. Not only that, but because so many changes are going out, it can be difficult to keep track of how far along in the process different changes are.

Bitbucket Deployments is supposed to tackle that by providing developers and managers with an automatically updated dashboard of progress, along with integration into Atlassian’s Jira project management software for reporting the progress of updates.

While Bitbucket Deployments isn’t the first piece of software to offer these capabilities, Sean Regan, Atlassian’s head of growth for its software teams products, told VentureBeat in an interview that a key benefit of its approach is the integration between the different systems at play.

The sorts of progress reporting that Bitbucket Deployments offer are, at this point, often handled by engineers integrating disparate systems together, sometimes with the help of chatbots. Regan said that while he appreciates chatbots, he thinks that they’re a patch for…

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