As data privacy becomes an increasingly important notion, especially with the EU’s GDPR privacy laws coming online in May, companies need to find ways to understand their customer’s private data. BigID thinks it has a solution and it landed a $14 million Series A investment today to help grow the idea.

Comcast Ventures, SAP (via, ClearSky Security Fund and one of the company’s seed round investors, BOLDstart Ventures, all participated in the investment. The deal closed last week. Today’s investment on top of the $2.1 million seed round in 2016 brings the total raised to $16.1 million.

CEO and co-founder Dimitri Sirota says before companies can do anything with their data, they have to understand what they have. The starting point therefore is creating a catalogue of private data types you need to protect without actually moving the data.

“Think of us as Google for data. We index the information, figure out what information belongs to what entity, the data subject [and so forth], but it’s all virtual. We don’t copy it. It stays wherever it was,” Sirota explained.

The company can search across multiple big data stores, find private information for individuals across different sources, map the relationships across sources, see how data flows across different geographies and help customers comply with local data privacy regulations.

And he says the solution supports a variety of data formats out of the box whether that’s MongoDB, Cassandra, a cloud service like AWS or Azure or an enterprise software package like SAP. It also provides a generic connector that customers can…