Living an active life is just to stay healthy. Exercise is also considered helpful and essential to improve mental health.

It is not necessary to be a long runner to improve your health. The major thing is that you are staying active. Down below are some simple and easy strategies you can use to get active.

Ways to Live a More Active Life

1. Take it slow

If you are not active in a few years, start slow. Talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise. Because there are many precautions, you must take.

In short, first, start for only five or ten minutes. Increase the time slowly and slowly.

2. Get your 30

Your aim for a physical activity must be 30 minutes daily.

Your aim for physical activity should be 30 minutes each day.  Harvard School of Public Health, says that few minutes are just as good as one longer session. For example, you could do:

  • 10 minutes of dancing before starting work
  • a 10-minute walk around the parking lot at lunch
  • a 10-minute walk around your home

Of course, more exercise is excellent! However, take safety measures to avoid injuries.

3. Work your muscles

Your body does not require only aerobic exercise. Weight lifting or resistance training is also very important. This kind of exercise strengthens your bones and muscles and improve your balance and coordination.

4. Mix it up

Alot of gyms offer free classes with monthly membership. Try to get the advantage of such type of opportunities. You can also look at your local sports stores if you are interested in outdoor group activities.

5. Mind your money

You can do great work out at home by spending a few pennies. Fitness DVDs are the best way to exercise. You can purchase such DVDs and find new types of exercise that you like.

Other home-friendly workouts that need little or no special equipment are:

  • walking, running
  • jumping rope
  • dancing
  • squats
  • weight training with found objects
  • jumping
  • pushups

6. Stretch

Stretching after an exercise must be part of your daily routine. Stretching improves flexibility. Stretching improves circulation throughout the body.


Staying active is one of the essential essences of a healthy life. This becomes more important as you age.

If you are unable to walk, you can still do other exercises. There are alot of many other exercises that you can do besides walking.

Make sure to talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise regime to make sure that it is appropriate for your current physical condition.