Taramps 900745 Class D BASS 8K 8000 Watt RMS 1 Ohm Automotive Sound Systems Mono Full Range Speaker Amplifier with Built In Thermal Protecti…




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Product Description

Taramps Bass 8K Amp - Bass Like You've Never Heard BeforeTaramps Bass 8K Amp - Bass Like You've Never Heard Before

Taramp’s BASS line of amplifiers is built exclusively for high performance on bass speakers, providing precise adjustments for optimal power and sound quality.

Technical Specs:

Operation Class: DNumber Of Channels: 01Maximum Power:@ 14.4 Vdc – 1 Ohm: 8000 W [email protected] 14.4 Vdc – 2 Ohms: 5120 W RmsInput Sensitivity: 220mVSignal to Noise Ratio:> 95DbFrequency Response: 8Hz to 250Hz (-3Db)Crossover High Pass (Hpf): Variable, 8 to 30Hz (-12Db / 8th)Crossover Low Pass (Lpf): Variable, 60 to 250Hz (-12Db / 8th)Bass Boost: Parametric, 35 – 60Hz, 0 ~ + 10DbEfficiency: 87%Input Impedance: 22K OhmsOutput Impedance: 1 OhmProtection System: Short On Output, Short On Output Regarding Gnd, Low Impedance Protection, High / Low Voltage Protection And Thermal Protection.Min. Supply Voltage: 9 VdcMaximum Power Rating: 17 VdcConsumption At Rest: 1.80 AmpMusical Maximum Consumption: 319 AmpMaximum Consumption in Sinusoidal Signal: 638 AmpDimensions (WxDxH): 239 X 73 X 419 mmWeight: 6.64 kg

8000 Watts Output Power8000 Watts Output Power

Taramp's Cutting Edge TechnologyTaramp's Cutting Edge Technology

MAXIMUM POWER: Operates at 1 ohm with 8,000 watt RMS for maximum power
FULL RANGE: Full-range amplifier can operate on all frequencies using the right measure
STAYS COOL: Built-in thermal protection prevents over-heating
VERSATILE: ideally made for most car speaker applications; Dimensions ( W x H x D): 2.87 x 9.41 x 16.50 inches