In today’s world.Almost all the work we do is online.Our values are changing regarding what we want in a personal computer.The Chromebook is little different than your usual Pc.but still you can work well on it. Here are best apps that will work for your Chromebook.These apps will make your book more productive.

Best Apps

1. Gmail Offline

It is an app that works offline.When you write a message and click send, internet, it will carry the email until you get connected to the web. It is best for business travelers.This app lets you catch you your online work when you don’t have the internet.So, you can not afford for in flight wifi; you can still reply to emails in the air plane.Emails will be sent as soon as you get connected to airport’s wifi. You can download Gmail Offline from the Chrome Web Store.

2. Pixlr

 Pixlr Editor provides a free, browser based picture editing tool for Chromebooks.It also makes editing tools for mobile as well.

Pixlr standard tools are a red-eye reduction, spot heal, and level adjustment.Although, it is not overpowering like Adobe photoshop.But it has everything for an average user. It can open PSD files as well.It is effortless to begin, and it works very efficiently.

3. Numerics Calculator & Converter

Numerics Calculator & Converter app is one of the best apps for calculations.It can work offline.It has a lot of options.A cool feature of this app is the choice for users to make their functions using JavaScript.You can also perform functions like cosine, sine, and tangent.This app also saves your calculation history. As a converter, it works great.It can do almost all type of conversions.Like measurements,temperature,currency etc.Its key pad is large and very easy to use

4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist can make delicate task.It is best for people who work across different platforms.The list can be sync between a Chromebook and an iPhone.And then share it with your friends. This app is new.Users can nominate background images for the list and set different alerts.This is also amongst best apps

5. Feedly

Chromebooks users who are searching to gather content more should not go anywhere than Feedly.It is available free in Chrome Web Store. Feedly is in the market for a long time.The Feedly app appears as a clickable icon that takes you straight to Feedly page.They offer a pro version for dollar five per month and dollar 45 per year.

6. Clipular

A  good app list is in complete without a screen capture tool.Cipular allows users to clip images they like on the web, organize them and then save them.After cutting an image, the user can edit it with Cipular.Images can be share on social media sites. So Cipular gives you tools to capture pictures and organize according to your requirements.

7. imo messenger

imo messenger app is best for sharing photos, text and video call with friends on imo. Multiple chats can be done on this messenger as well.So if you are talking with your manager and you need to inform your wife about lunch.You can do both at a time.

8. Quick Note

Quick Note app is very easy to use.Users can access records beyond chrome devices.If they, have registration at Diigo. It is the best app for the note -taking.It will help you a lot in staying organized.

9. WeVideo

WeVideo is a video-editing app for Chrome.It has three different editing methods for both beginners and experts.This app can get connected to DropBox and social media accounts so users can quickly send pictures, videos and music files that were already connected. This app supports eight languages.Those languages are English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Japanese and Arabic.This app is free, but for exporting video, it costs money.It ranges from $0.99 to $1.99