BackerKit developed software that helps manage the logistics of a crowdfunding campaign. And now its founders have announced The Creative Fund, which has the goal of pledging $1 to every project on Kickstarter.

One dollar doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s just a start. BackerKit cofounder Rosanna Yau says that this is more of a proof of concept, to see if their community is willing to rally around the idea. She and cofounder Maxwell Salzberg have set up a Patreon, a monthly subscription service that enables people to support creators directly. All the donations they receive from that platform will be distributed among Kickstarter projects, and the goal is to make sure all projects have at least one pledge.

“One dollar is infinitely more than zero dollars, so we felt that was a suitable first step to prove the concept and make sure the setup works,” said Yau in an email to GamesBeat. “We’re not trying to pretend that $1 makes any actual monetary difference in the short term. But we’ve already received so much inspiring feedback from the delightfully surprised creators we’ve supported, that we just know this could be the start of something much larger than us.”

The idea behind The Creative Fund is to “reward all the creators, makers, artists, and entrepreneurs willing to put their best foot forward,” according to Yau. The $1 pledge also acts as emotional support, giving the folks behind the campaign a little boost. Along with helping creators, The Creative Fund could also benefit BackerKit, which brings on crowdfunding campaigns as its clients, by spreading the word about its…