Amazon Web Services launched a slew of machine learning-based services today that are aimed at making it easier for customers to embed intelligent capabilities in their applications. One new service offers video analysis, while a trio of language understanding APIs offer automatic transcription, translation, and document processing.

These tools are designed to make it easier for customers to reap the benefits of machine learning without requiring the expert knowledge necessary to build systems themselves. The services join Amazon’s existing suite of pre-built AI capabilities for customers, including its Lex language understanding service, Polly text-to-speech offering, and Rekognition image recognition service.

It’s a move by AWS to catch up with its major competitors Microsoft and Google, which already offer similar services, as do other cloud providers that AWS competes with.

A new Rekognition Video service will let customers automatically analyze footage that they have in the cloud to detect important entities, sentiment, celebrities, and more. It also offers the ability to provide information that computer programs can use to track where people are inside a scene.

To help customers get all of the relevant video information into the cloud, AWS launched Kinesis Video Streams. It’s a service in general availability today that’s designed to help customers securely ingest and store video, audio, and other time-encoded data like radar.

The announcement comes roughly a week after AWS announced updates to its Rekognition service that support recognizing faces in photos of crowds, along with…

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