Authenteq has unveiled Trollteq, an identity management solution based on blockchain that can help stop one of the great problems of the Internet: online trolling.

Trolling has become endemic across platforms ranging from Twitter and Facebook to online news sites. Internet haters have made many previously family-friendly and socially responsible websites into havens for online abuse. No matter how many troll accounts are deleted by the provider, they still return under a new name or handle and continue their vile behavior, threats, and harassment.

With Trollteq, once a user is banned, they are gone for good and cannot re-register under a false name or identity. It requires buy-in from platforms that allow some degree of anonymity or privacy, but Authenteq CEO Kári Thor Runarsson thinks the trade-off isn’t too bad, given the gain in troll-free results.

“With Authenteq, you are bound to an identity,” Runarsson said in an interview with VentureBeat. “But you are in control. We don’t know your identity. But we know you are a real person. Blockchain allows us to do that.”

Trollteq uses Authenteq’s identity management system, which requires people to verify that they are human in a sign-up process that takes 90 seconds. You have to use your smartphone to capture your image, selfie style. Then you take a picture of your valid driver’s license or some other form of sovereign identification. Authenteq verifies that the images are of you, and that the ID card is legitimate. Then it associates you with a login account that you are creating, without giving away your identity.