Standard night lights are dark and not good looking in appearance, they have hardly one or two feature.Aumi introduced new night lights with unique features that no night lights had before.It is the greatest Night Light that you will ever own.It supports Blue tooth.It is rechargeable.It is multi-colored night light controllable with smartphone or tablet.

What Is Aumi?

It is the coolest Night Light.It is rechargeable.It comes in different colors.It is controllable with your smartphone or tablet.

Aumi Features

This night light comes with many color options. It has a feature to detects motion.It has timer option too.One can get notifications like texts or calls.  Aumi stays on., even when there is no power.

Smart Timers

At a time eight timers can be set.Timer function allows you to set it to turn off,  Turn on, brighten light or dim light at any particular time.Colors can be adjusted to change at any time during day or night.The timers are always logged in to your app daily until the user deletes them.

Installation is easy

Setting aumi is very straightforward and easy.Just plug your Aumi to any outlet, download and install our free app.

Aumi is safe

Good news for parents! As,aumi is very safe.Parents can set the Aumi on children side desk table so if they get up at midnight they can carry the movable Aumi with them.It is very safe for toddlers too.

Foldable Power Prongs

Foldable power prongs allow aumi to sit flat any surface or to be taken with you to light your path.

Technical Specifications


  •  8-10 hours as a nightlight.
  •  4 hours at maximum brightness

Bluetooth Enabled

  • Bluetooth LE / Smart
  •  Works with iOS & Android


High-Quality RGB LED’s
Over 16 million colors
Fully adjustable brightness


• Collaborates with all North American Outlets
• Allows full use of the second outlet

Where to buy Aumi from?

You can buy aumi from different online shops.One of these shops is

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