Asus Mixed Reality Headset

Asus is the latest of Microsoft’s Windows launch companions that launch a headset. But ultimately, the day has come. Asus’ dryly titled Windows Mixed Reality Headset HC102 is now available in the US for $429. A price that presents it among the more costly options. Other organizations’ headsets get as low as $299; although Asus’ decision comes with two motion controllers, which address up to the higher price.

Asus’ headset is often set apart by its different look which seems to be what would occur if you bring Samsung’s Galaxy S5 wallpaper into the real life; Specs are on par with other Asus headsets which starts last year: 1440 x 1440 per eye resolution, 105-degree range of view. And a built-in headphone jackscrew and sensors, so you do not have to rely on outside ones.

Unique Design


The Windows Mixed Reality* experience inspires the elegant and futuristic design of the ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset. Which merges the thrill of virtual reality with a unique sense of appearance, giving lessons that are truly exhilarating. ASUS designers used technology usually used to create a digital structure to produce a pattern of hundreds of 3D polygons. The headset finishes with a glossy tone-on-tone effect that holds you stylish even in the virtual worlds.