Article Writing Tips:

If, you want more traffic to your blog.You must know tips for writing good article writing.The most important thing is the content.Your content should be very easy to read, and it should attract the users.So once they visit your site, it’s so impressive that they want to come back again.

This article is all about  article writing tips.If you follow these tips, your web site will attract visitors.

Step 1- The Topic:

Write about something you have an interest, or you have knowledge of that subject. In this way, you can write your article very good.

Step 2 – The Title:

Your article title should be short. .It should be attractive as well.Because of search engines for example Google index your article.It is the title that attracts new visitors to your blog.  The title should contain at least three main points of the article.

Step 3 – The Opening Sentence:

The first sentence or first paragraph should describe what the rest of the article will be about.Search engines include this part under the title when they display your article in their results pages.

Step 4 – Cover 3 Points:

Your article should at least contain 300 hundred words. Very long and concise article writing is not good.Because if your article is very long, the reader can get bored.If it is too short, it will not provide the full information to the reader.So keep three points in mind.Don’t write too short, Avoid writing very long articles, the title should describe the material.

Step 5 – The Layout:

The content should be written in very easy to read the language. Font size should be standard.Font color should be very fresh that it attracts the readers.To make your article more attractive, you can add pictures related to your article topic.Add videos too.Bold the important part of your article.If, you apply all these things to your article.It will appeal readers.

These steps will help you in achieving your goal of getting more visitors to your web site.

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