Six years ago, when I first covered how to watch the NFL on the internet, it was not easy. Now, you have a wide variety of choices. But being able to watch any game you want whenever you want is still a challenge.

For example, you can watch almost all available games on Sling TV, except CBS (ZDNet’s parent company) Sunday afternoon games. So, before buying into a service, take a hard look to see if it will deliver your must-watch games.

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  • $73.49 a month
  • Available only if you can’t get DirecTV satellite service

The most comprehensive package for Sunday NFL games is DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. But, there’s a catch, and it’s a big one.

NFL Sunday Ticket is only available for cord-cutters if they can’t get DirecTV satellite service. And, no. NFL Sunday Ticket is Not available on DirecTV Now.

So, odds are, you can’t get this package. Still, it doesn’t hurt to check if it’s available for your address. If you’re a student, and your school address qualifies you can get NFL Sunday Ticket for $24.99 a month — but don’t count on it.


  • $99.99 a season
  • Watch all NFL games the day after they air

Another all-football, all-the-time option, but that’s easy to get, is NFL GamePass. For $99.99 a season, you can watch all NFL games… the day after they’re played.

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You also can’t watch local games on it. So, for instance, I can’t see the Carolina Panthers. To sweeten the deal, GamePass includes live NFL…