Recycling iPhones is a messy business. The handsets are particularly challenging to take apart, which means recycling them for parts can quickly turn into a time-consuming headache.

Apple’s new ‘Daisy’ Robot

But Apple thinks its new robot can help. Today the assembly introduced “Daisy,” its new iPhone-recycling robot. Which the organization says can tear apart unwanted iPhones much further efficiently than a human.


The massive robot, which Apple says can tear apart iPhones at a rate of 200 per hour, can separate the various internal components of an iPhone and sort them into easy-to-access piles. Using this method, Apple says it’s able to recycle a higher volume of materials than it would if it used other ways since maintain more of the parts.

That isn’t the first time Apple has turned to a robot to aid its recycling efforts. The company introduced its first such machine in 2016, a massive robot named Liam.

But while an experimental project design was Liam only for the iPhone 6, Daisy can take apart nine different models of iPhone. So, it could end up having a more significant impact than Liam.

The robot is a successor to Liam, another recycling robot created by Apple that was revealed in 2016. In fact, Daisy was built with some of Liam’s old parts, to make it a recycle robot that helps recover iPhones. Daisy is capable of taking apart nine separate versions of the iPhone. It can strike up to 200 iPhones an hour. It also separates parts and removes individual components as it goes.

The statement comes as part of a series of new environmentally-friendly reports the company made to coincide with Earth Day. Apple also announced a new GiveBack program for making donations to Conservation International. A new Apple Watch feature that will reward users who exercise outdoors on Earth Day.