Now that the 2018 MacBook Pro’s throttling issue has been addressed, Apple has another serious problem on its hands: crashes attributed to the company’s T2 processor and its “Bridge OS” software.

As first noticed by Digital Trends, users in multiple Apple Discussions threads are reporting crashes that list an obscure macOS software component named Bridge OS, which is exclusive to Macs with Apple’s T-series processors. The crashes are manifesting as “kernel panics” that happen anywhere from daily to weekly, causing Macs with T2 chips to shut down and restart.

Apple introduced the T1 processor to manage Touch Bar functionality for certain MacBook Pros. The T2 was originally introduced on the iMac Pro before coming to the MacBook Pro in 2018, adding responsibilities for security and control of multiple Mac subsystems, including storage, audio, image processing, and overall system management. In the new MacBook Pro, it also enables “Hey Siri” support, a feature that has been included in iOS devices since the 2014 iPhone 6.

Apparently, the Bridge OS crashes cease when the T2 chip’s functionality is disabled, though Apple has offered a variety of other solutions while its engineers quietly updated the Bridge OS software. In some cases, the company has blamed and replaced hardware — without fixing the issue — while in others it has suggested wiping the computer’s hard drive and beginning fresh. Other workarounds include disabling FileVault and Power Nap, features that use the T2 for storage and power management.

Since the T2 manages multiple Mac functions, users have cited a…