Briefly announced on Monday but spotlighted today, Apple is transitioning app developers from the long-standing media, book, and app submission portal iTunes Connect to App Store Connect — a dedicated portal for apps. App Store Connect has launched as a website and iOS app, enabling developers to manage apps for the App Store, as well as view analytics and respond to reviews.

App Store Connect allows app developers to upload, submit, and manage apps; view sales reports; measure user engagement; create promo codes; and respond to reviews. It also lets developers add in-app purchases, change pricing, and submit promotional materials for apps to appear within the App Store.

Apple’s decision to offer separate iTunes Connect and App Store Connect portals comes nearly a year after iTunes 12.7 severed the last remaining link between iTunes and the App Store. In September 2017, Apple streamlined the Mac and PC iTunes media management tool by removing the iOS App Store, instead asking iOS users to download apps solely from their devices.

Now App Store Connect will manage apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iMessage, while iTunes Connect will continue to handle music, movies, TV shows, and books. Additional information is available at the rebadged App Store Connect developer page.

An App Store Connect WWDC session tonight will discuss new features, including a new App Store Connect API for managing frequently modified data such as users and groups, the ability to easily share links for TestFlight beta testing, simplified team access, and a new REST API for task automation….