From multiple points of view, Android Wear, with its card-based Google Now interface, is the easiest of the huge three smart-watch stages (a group that likewise incorporates Apple’s watch OS as well as Samsung’s Tizen for wearable).
An update will be taking off soon, however, that adds a couple of additional advantages to Google’s smart watch OS.

Android Wear:

Before long Android Wear watches with built in speakers – at this moment that just incorporates the Huawei Watch and Asus Zen-Watch 2 – will let you make telephone calls right on the watch, and it is something which the Apple Watch and 3G-empowered Gear S2 (and some more established Samsung watches) already do.
The upgrade will likewise utilize that speaker to let the watch read the incoming messages so everyone can hear.

[ads1]The LTE-empowered LG Watch Urbane second Edition would have been the primary Wear watch to support on-watch calls, back in November of 2015, however this hardware issues prompted LG dropping and reviewing the product.
Not at all like that had cancelled watch, the Huawei Watch and Zen Watch 2 lack built in cellular, so regardless they will still be linked with a cell phone by means of Bluetooth to answer or make calls.

The forthcoming Wear update will likewise make it speedier and convenient to send voice messages through the chat apps, as WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Telegram and Nextplus, along with it, Google’s Hangouts. For instance, you’ll have the capacity to say “alright Google, send a WhatsApp message to Jill: I’m running late.” Sending messages with your voice has been an important part of Android Wear since the very first moment; however this will be the first occasion when it will give you the alternative of routing a new message through an option that is other than text messaging.

Google is growing Wear’s sans hands-free abilities, including new ones it had guaranteed in late 2015. It has included certain things like bearing in mind more points of interest or making a move on a card going back to the past screen (by pulling your wrist towards you) and coming back to the primary watch face (by shaking your wrist).

Andriod Wearable

Google’s OS is the one and only of the enormous three smart watch platforms which provides you the alternative of utilizing wrist gestures – convenient for when one of your hands is full.