Amazon can already drop off packages inside your home. Now, the company can deliver your purchases to your car.

Amazon Prime subscribers with Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and Volvo vehicles that are 2015 or newer can choose in-car delivery for same-day, two-day, and standard shipping orders. The company will start offering in-car delivery today in 37 cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and the Washington DC Metro area.

It’s part of the Amazon Key in-home delivery program that launched in October 2017. Using a smart, keyless lock, Amazon delivery personnel can unlock your front door and place packages inside your home. An Internet-connected home security camera called Amazon Cloud Cam records the delivery, so you can monitor entries and exits.

The idea was intended to make Amazon packages less susceptible to door stoop theft, but some people still thought the whole thing was a little creepy.

In-car delivery is a less invasive delivery option because you don’t need to install a special lock or grant Amazon access to your home, and it’s more secure than leaving a package on a doorstep in plain sight.

You can, for any reason, block in-car delivery, up until the time of delivery, and the package will be delivered via your back-up method.

But what about vehicle break ins?

Amazon said that customers can specify exactly where they want their packages delivered (be it in the trunk or behind the passenger seat), and that in some areas, car theft is not a concern.

In cities where smashed car windows are prevalent (in San Francisco, where I’m based, there…