Amazon Web Services officially announced three major customers for its cloud platform today, demonstrating its continued momentum in attracting top business, even amid heavy competition. Expedia, the Walt Disney Company, and the NFL will all be using AWS’ cloud technology to underpin key products and services.

These customer wins aren’t necessarily surprising, considering that AWS was an early player in the cloud and continues to hold a dominant share of the market. At the same time, they’re an indication that major businesses are continuing to rely on the cloud provider in spite of competition from the likes of Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other providers.

Disney is a particularly noteworthy gain, as the entertainment company has previously spoken quite extensively about its work with Google Cloud Platform. It doesn’t sound like the firm is abandoning all work with Google, but a press release sent out today said that AWS will be Disney’s preferred cloud provider. (That amusingly echoes a recent announcement that Salesforce, which has previously come out as an AWS customer, named Google a preferred cloud provider without abandoning its investments in AWS.)

Expedia will be standardizing its technology on AWS and moving several databases from Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle to Amazon Aurora as part of the move. That’s a major win for Amazon, especially since those other providers have used their ability to launch cloud services based on that software as a key to attracting customers. The travel company will be going all-in on Amazon’s cloud platform, moving all of its…

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