Amazon Web Services wants to make it easier for people to get the most out of machine learning in the cloud, and it just unveiled a new consulting program that’s aimed at helping folks get off the ground.

Called the Amazon ML Solutions Lab, the program will provide customers with access to machine learning experts from Amazon who can help them tackle business problems using purpose-built intelligent models. It’s designed to help businesses without extensive machine learning expertise get their problems solved using the latest systems, tailored to tackle particular problems.

While machine learning systems built with the latest techniques can address issues computers were previously unsuited for, building them requires extensive expertise. People with the sort of knowledge and talent necessary are in high demand, so it can be hard for companies to build ML teams in-house.

What’s more, it can be difficult to bring intelligent models built with machine learning from testing into production so that they can actually deliver the results they were built for. Amazon is aiming to solve both of those problems with this lab.

Amazon expects typical ML lab engagements to take between three and six months, depending on the task at hand. During that time, the company will offer developers courses on the concepts behind machine learning, followed by weekly check-ins about the progress of a project.

In some cases, the company will also send members of its team to work with customers for extended periods of time. Companies will also receive materials for additional training, guidance about change management…

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