Amazon recently built delivery lockers at different places.Like colleges and home buildings.

Its primary objective is to make things more accessible. For its customers. There fore, Amazon Introduces a new product.It is for apartment owners.Amazon parcel lock boxes are usually close to home or college buildings.With these lock boxes, residents can take their packages from a safe box.Instead of waiting for the delivery guy.

If, you are living in a place.Where there, is a large community. A parcel delivers on a door is a target for thieves.Only options are for the recipients to either wait at home to get the package.Or take it up from delivery office.

Parcel lockers are the best.With these lockers only a recipient can take his or her parcel.’The Hub’ is Amazon’s latest way to bring these lockers to residential areas and complexes.

These hubs are more like mail box chunk.The Hub make lives easier for customers.

Hubs are not only for Amazon packages.Residents can get their packages from other cargo services as well.Like USPS, FedEx, UPS.

Amazon introduced advance lockers.They have a touchscreen display.And a keypad.Personal package Access code is there. This code opens the locker.It comes in four different color options.Its width is around 6ft.

In extension to ease. The perfect solution to parcel management problem is the hub.Many resident buildings have these hubs.Where there, are no door men or its staff.Packages often get mixed too.Any one wants a hub in their building will have to convince management.Though, Amazon also has an online form.

Further more, Hubs are available for both out the door and in the door.Hubs start from 6′ wide.It comes in 4 neutral colors.It is very safe. And easy to use.So, You can pick your package anytime.Hub keeps your bag safe.

So, I will suggest you Amazon Hub at your apartment and make life easy!!

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