Since this is a device that’s taking a ton of photos of you, finding a flattering angle is important. Amazon recommends that you place it at shoulder height, facing slightly down. I personally prefer a lower angle, from about chest or midriff level. It’s up to you, and you can use the viewfinder in the Echo Look app to find a good spot.

Also, make sure you pick a position with a light source behind the camera. Even though there are four bulbs on the Look to light up your shot, it helps to have even lighting so that you’re not overexposed on one side. That’s not just a matter of vanity either — Amazon needs good pictures to determine the fit, color and style of your outfits.

In use

Once you’ve settled on an angle, it’s time for the fun stuff. Say “Alexa, take a photo” (or video) and strike a pose. The picture is sent to your phone in a matter of seconds, and you can take as many shots as you like. If you’re feeling self-conscious or don’t know what to do, Amazon also suggests a set of nine poses to start you off.

The pictures themselves are hit-or-miss. The Echo Look identifies your silhouette, then blurs the background to make you stand out. The bokeh looks exaggerated, but it helps to mask things like the messy closet behind you. You can turn it down in the app, and tweak stuff like brightness and contrast if you want.

For videos, you can’t adjust these settings; it’s just a six-second loop that’s good for looking at your outfit from all angles. That’s nice — you don’t often get to see what the back of your body looks like without someone’s help.

The images and clips aren’t stunning, but I’m such a…