Amazon Alexa car voice integration is not only competing with Google and Apple in your home. Amazon is also coming for your cars too. Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant will soon come for the cars as well.

Amazon introduces a developer kit to integrate Alexa’s AI skill this Thursday. Shortly, you could ask Alexa for the directions, search for nearby restaurants or hotel. Same as you do with devices at home. The only difference will be that you don’t have to plug your phone into your car.

Developers can access the Github repository to build Alexa into vehicles. Any developer can have access to the kit. So whoever buys an Alexa-ready car, it is available to connect to their Amazon-controlled digital life.

The Alexa in vehicle integration sounds more like  Nuance’s Dragon Drive automotive assistant has been building into cars for years. It doesn’t use the Alexa AI. The voice recognition company is working on the 2019 version of its car voice-enabled interface which is designed to act a lot like Amazon’s Alexa system. It has a similar “Hello, Dragon” call to action or an option to keep the car assistant listening in the background.

Nuance’s system is platform agnostics which means it is not tethered to only iOS or Android applications. Alexa gets connected to a variety of third-party applications on the Echo. It will do the same in the car as well. Its technology is in many cars like Toyota, Mercedes, Audi, GM, BMW.

In a car demo, Nuance’s Dragon pulled up gas stations on the way to home. Played cool songs from a music service and searched for coffee shops. All that was done through voice commands. All this happened through the center console touchscreen in a Chrysler Pacifica minivan.

This assistant will also offer gaze detection for a more connected experience where you could ask the voice assistant, “When does that store open?” just by steering in that direction.