Square Enix was content to show off a number of its E3 games ahead of its big showcase. We already knew about Just Cause 4, the Life is Strange spinoff the Adventures of Captain Spirit, and the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III release date before the event kicked off. Because of that, there wasn’t much in the way of news — but there were lots of trailers. Sadly, there was no glimpse of the Avengers project, but here’s everything else you might have missed during the 30-minute event.

Dragon Quest XI

The Western version of Dragon Quest XI was announced earlier this year, and we got a better look at the charming role-playing game at E3. For the most part, it looks like standard Dragon Quest but with better visuals and what looks like slightly revamped combat. You’ll be able to check it out on both the PS4 and PC in September.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Lara Croft’s next big adventure isn’t too far off, and the latest trailer provides a fairly detailed look at what the experience will be like. The E3 trailer includes a lot of skulking around in the shadows and stabbing people. The developers also promise a lot more tombs with a lot more danger.

Just Cause 4

Yesterday, Square Enix officially announced Just Cause 4, and today, it provided a much more detailed look at the game, showcasing things like how the weapons and vehicles work. More importantly, it gives a good idea of all the fun you’ll be able to have by destroying the game’s massive world.

Kingdom Hearts III

The latest Kingdom Hearts III trailer is nearly identical to the one we saw at Microsoft’s keynote. But there’s one…