Video: These AI bots are solving customer problems

Most of us encounter AI assistants and chatbots whenever we visit a brand website. But does engaging conversation help us solve our problems? According to a survey by Oracle, 80 percent of businesses say they already use or plan to use chatbots by 2020.

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Markets, technologies, and people are changing faster than ever, and we want an AI assistant to serve us, solve our queries, warn us of upcoming issues, and protect us from fraud.

But as more and more of us spend most of our time online, generating more and more queries for companies, customer service advisor teams must respond to our queries faster to improve our overall customer experience.

But what do we think about AI assistants?

Capital One and Wakefield Research recently asked consumers to weigh in on their preferences and attitudes about AI.

In April 2018, it surveyed over 1,000 customers to find out whether they preferred human-like personalities in AI interactions.

It discovered that 82 percent of Americans believe an AI assistant would be desirable for helping with financial tasks and 77 percent say it should have a unique (and human-like) personality .

One size obviously does not fit all when it comes to AI.

Around 56 percent of respondents said that they would feel more comfortable talking to an AI assistant about potentially embarrassing topics like health (29 percent), love (31 percent), and money (30 percent)….