Video: How to make IT more Agile

Agile is still alive and well and in demand, according to Forrester’s Agile adoption panel. This year, Forrester’s biannual survey that tracks the health of Agile initiatives focused on the main challenge: Agile at scale. As software teams get further along their Agile transformation, they find that, despite some improvements, scaling vertically and horizontally remains their biggest obstacle.

This year’s survey respondents include firms currently adopting Agile or Agile+DevOps or scaling up their adoption; beginners and advanced practitioners; and tech companies and large enterprises alike. They all shared the Agile experiences of their company, division or team with us, and we uncovered some interesting insights from the resulting data.

Our new report, The State Of Agile In 2017: Agile At Scale, shows AD&D pros how expert Agile firms — those with at least half of their teams using Agile techniques successfully — scale Agile more successfully than neophytes through seven key must-dos. It reveals that, while Agile at scale is still relatively immature, it can be done, as almost one-quarter of the respondents are adopting Agile at scale successfully. Among respondents to our survey:

  • Half claim that culture and behavior are still the top impediment. Agile adoption requires the creation of new types of jobs, roles and collaboration processes that reflect a new mindset based on Lean/Agile values and principles.
  • 44 percent say that their firms lack skilled product…