4K Ultra HD Action Camera

A photograph worth a thousand words, but seldom a small snap from your smartphone camera will rarely do a place or experience justice.

 “You ought to be there,” you assure your friends as you swipe into dozens of dim, unfocused photos.

But now, thanks to Xtreme’s 4K Ultra HD Action Camera, it seems to have to be that way. Somewhat of taking sub-par images that leave much to the vision, this camera puts the public in the center of the action.

That claims an impressive 12 MP resolution, so it won’t give you hanging on a breathtaking holiday, and when you want to snap a shot of the entire group, its wireless wrist remote lets you take photos up to 33 feet away.

But if you ask us, its video hallmark sells itself. This cam adds a high-definition, 4K quality to any film, which will make your friends and family feel like they’re reliving the moment with you. Perhaps even too much. Want to share your experiences in real time? Download the accompanying app to follow your cam’s screen onto your smartphone.

If your idea of classic Kodak flashes is of the extreme variety, this cam has a waterproof case that backside go up to 98 feet underwater and begins with a mount, so you can fasten it on your bike, headgear or surfboard and show off your skills.


With so much to offer, Xtreme Pro’s camera is a steal at $150. But for the near few days, you can buy it for $70 — that’s over half off. Whether you need to up your social media presence or get ready for a vacation full of adventure, why not examine it out?

It’s waterproof for up to 100 feet, so you don’t have to bother about getting caught in the snow.

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