If using a Fitbit on your wrist is too complicated, maybe you should view a fitness tracker on your face. Eye insurance provider VSP Global is starting a pair of smart glasses today called Level that has a track of a wearer’s progress. The couple over Bluetooth to an associate iOS / Android app. A frame costs $270, which does not involve lenses.

The inside of the smart glasses is comparatively simple and what you would expect. There is an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer that work collectively to track steps, distance, calories burned, and total activity time. It charges over a magnetic connector should last around five days on a single charge. There are three distinct frame styles available in four different colors: black, tortoise, slate, and grey tortoise.

smart glasses

VSP has also added gamified the experience in an odd way If wearers reach daily step aims. They earn points that change to care for people who need help allowing vision care. So 50 points provide an eye exam and eyewear to a person in need, which is nice! But surprisingly, users can reduce their donations so that they only go to one specific group, including masters, children, the aged, or people who are poor. I think the firm should have just gone with the TOMS design, where they give people a pair of glasses for each couple bought, without making everyone choose who gets care. VSP says it wants somebody to have the option to walk for the club of their choice, however.

As far as the product goes, activity-tracking smart glasses seem beneficial. I wear my glasses every day, unlike my long-lost smartwatch. But at the similar time, I reasonably won’t be able to keep it energized, and I would have to do my charging at evening when I am sleeping. It’s not like I can take my glasses off in the middle of using them and start charging them. At least the lenses work without a charge, even if I can not trace my activity.

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