If you’re more cost-conscious, there are more frugal Chromebook Spin 15 and Chromebook 15 models with more conventional 16:9 displays as well as Celeron and Pentium chip options.

There’s also a new option you remain firmly in the Windows camp. Acer has trotted out a 15.6-inch Swift 5 (below) that still weighs under 2.2 pounds, but touts much thinner display bezels, a larger battery and the newest Intel chips. It’s reportedly the thinnest laptop in its size class, if you ask the PC maker. You can equip it with up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of solid-state storage.

Acer hasn’t provided full launch details as we write this, but it’s safe to say that the 13-inch Chromebooks will cost considerably more than the company’s garden variety Chrome OS devices. The 15-inch Chromebooks arrive in July starting at $349, while jumping to the touch-savvy Spin 15 bumps the price to $449.