Each year, tech consulting giant Accenture makes predictions about the kind of technology we’ll see at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. I interviewed Greg Roberts, managing director for Accenture’s North American high-tech industry practice, about the predictions for CES 2018, the big tech trade show that will take place in Las Vegas in the second week of January.

(Here’s Accenture’s CES predictions for CES 2017 and CES 2016). Roberts sees five major stories happening at this year’s show, which starts with press events on January 7.

“The first story is around the expansion and proliferation of artificial intelligence, the second is about 5G and how that enables the next generation of technology such as the Internet of Things, and the third is blockchain as an enabling technology for things like security,” said Roberts. “There will be a shift toward software, and a lot of attention around autonomous vehicles. Those are the stories that will be important.”

Story One: Expanding connectivity and uses of artificial intelligence

Above: Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, delivers the opening keynote address at CES 2017.

Image Credit: Nvidia

AI is going to be pervasive across more things at CES as more anD more applications, devices, and networks integrate AI. AI and analytics can make products smarter and more consumer friendly, whether it’s devices such as the Amazon Echo, using the Alexa personal assistant service, or services such as customer support. AI is no longer viewed as “artificial” but more a real and routine part of business and products. Roberts said that AI is more…