YouTube is preparing to release a revamped music streaming service that will combine Google Play Music and its own music offerings. It is unclear how the current iteration of YouTube Music will be integrated into the new service, but Reddit user c2fifield has posted images of a redesigned version of the YouTube Music app, which YouTube has since confirmed is real to The Verge.

“We’re always working to improve YouTube Music and ensure it’s the best possible experience for users. We’re glad users are enjoying the update to the player page,” a YouTube spokesperson said in a statement.

Photo: u/c2fifield

The new design has a more traditional ‘now playing’ window for audio-only mode, and you can now easily rearrange the queue, as you can see below.

Photo: u/c2fifield

The real question is how this app will play into YouTube’s new music service, and whether that service will live within YouTube Music, or operate as a standalone product with a new name. We may find out more soon as Google I/O begins next week.