I’ve never really been able to do the whole laughing at bad movies thing. I realize this is a little bit like saying “I don’t enjoy fun,” but I don’t know, I’ve mostly just found the movies to be bad in a boring kind of way.

Point is, I’m not a huge fan of The Room. But I went to see The Disaster Artist anyway last week because it looked too fun to pass up. It really is a nice movie — and I think it succeeds largely thanks to one very smart decision: it never looks down on Tommy Wiseau. Even when Wiseau is being unreasonable and kind of a jerk, he’s still made out to be worthy of admiration for putting himself out there in order to live his dream.

It’s a nice message, and it really starts with scene one. James Franco opens the movie on Wiseau writhing around a stage floor in a bewildering bit of acting. The audience knows it’s bad, but the camera makes him look like a hero, the only one in the room willing to really go for it. Ultimately, I wish the movie revealed more about him, but the core choice of how to frame Wiseau makes the whole thing a joy to watch.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The new Jurassic World seems to have done at least one thing very right: it brings back Jeff Goldblum. And the team behind the movie seems to know just how right that move was, as this trailer is centered around Goldblum’s voiceover. The rest of it shows a lot of dinosaurs and people making bad decisions. The movie comes out June 22nd.

Black Mirror

Netflix put out a full trailer for Black Mirror‘s fourth season this week, and it shows another series of cleanly,…

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