The second season of Westworld wrapped up last weekend, and I still find the show as infuriating and fascinating as ever. I think Vox’s Todd VanDerWerff is spot on here with how he contrasts the series to LostWestworld is all puzzle, no characters; so there’s a lot more riding on the puzzle being really good.

What’s frustrating is that, this season’s Ghost Nation episode “Kiksuya” showed just how strong of a show Westworld can be when it hones in on its characters and tells deeper, more complex (and coherent) stories about its world. I know it doesn’t want to do that — it’s more interested in twists and turns. And at this point, I’m not even sure that I want it to either.

The oddest thing about Westworld is that it’s so much more than a TV show — it’s a game built to be played along with. I have no idea if this series will work for people who binge watch it later. But as someone who’s watching it live and getting to participate in ludicrous theorizing about who is and isn’t a host and what preposterously convoluted scheme someone is up to, it’s all a surprising amount of fun.

Check out eight trailers from this week below.

The Predator

Here’s our second look at the new Predator movie, and… it really seems to be hoping that we love the Predator, because there’s not a ton going on here. But maybe that’s just the trailer. The movie comes from Shane Black, who did Iron Man 3 and, weirdly enough, acted in and touched up the script of the original Predator. So there’s good reason to be interested in what he’s doing here. The film comes out September 14th.