8 Circuit Studios hopes to use blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other collaboration tools to build the Metaverse, the digital universe envisioned in novels by William Gibson and Neal Stephenson and featured in movies Ready Player One, TRON, and The Matrix.

That’s a very ambitious mission. But 8 Circuit Studios  (named after a theory about the human nervous system) in Seattle has a lot of veterans from games, and it hopes to develop a new ecosystem where all participants — gamers, developers and publishers — could collaborate and work together to bring about the Metaverse sooner than we might think is possible. The company is developing two games that will show off the tech in the coming months.

In the fictional Metaverse, visitors can traverse different virtual environments, maintaining an illusion of reality throughout — with a consistent, yet privacy-protected avatar, carrying with them the various objects that maintain usefulness and utility within (yet also specific to) each reality.

“We have a background in gaming, and it seems like a perfect fit for blockchains,” said James Mayo, navigator and president of 8 Circuit Studios, in an interview with GamesBeat. “We want to get blockchains and cryptocurrency into the hands of the average person. “We’ve looked at the worlds of Ready Player One, The Matrix, and other alternative realities. What we need to make them possible is a global currency that can function at the speed of light.”

Above: D-PARC is aimed at making blockchain accessible to all gamers.

Image Credit: 8 Circuit

Mayo believes that you can leverage the power of…