After watching screenwriter Michael Arndt’s videos on storytelling the other week, I wanted to go and watch something he’d written. So I rented Toy Story 3, which I’d missed when it came out. And true to his video, it really did follow the structure he’d broken down, right to the two-minute climax bookended by betrayal and hopelessness.

What I think is really wonderful about the film though is that it ultimately brings it all back to the human characters, which is a hard feat given that they’re barely in the movie. But the toys’ own emotional journeys mirror that of their owners. So when it does conclude on the human characters, we’re able to tap right into what they’re feeling.

Of course, Pixar has always been ludicrously good at that. And while I think it often settles into some familiar formulas — I feel like Pixar uses a lot of extended last-act chase sequences… but maybe that’s just a necessary part of making a kid-friendly climactic event — the studio always pulls it together in something that feels specific and right for the film.

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I’m not sure what page we’re collectively on about Venom, but I continue to find myself thinking it could be surprisingly good. It’s very weird though! The movie is super dark, but it also throws in moments of extremely dark humor. I’m not sure how well it’s going to be able to balance everything it’s trying for, but it definitely seems to have nailed the creepiness factor. The film comes out October 5th.

If Beale Street Could Talk

Here’s the trailer for director Barry…