Presented by Capital One Canada

The culture of startups. It’s become almost an urban myth, or maybe digital dream would be a better term, since startups originated in Silicon Valley in the 1980s. You know how the story goes. Savvy young employees arrive at their workplace brimming with eagerness, imaginative ideas, and commitment. The air practically snaps with their energy.

At Capital One, providing a workplace where both atmosphere and setting encourage the spirit of innovation isn’t myth or dream. It’s reality. And from their example, other businesses can learn how to nurture that startup culture even as their company goes international.

Granted, hearing the name Capital One, most people think: A major bank and credit-card company. Capital One is that, no question.

It’s also more.

Capital One has the same rule-breaking, entrepreneurial roots as many Silicon Valley startups. The culture of startups is downright practical in today’s marketplace, where the rules have changed big-time. The business world has become uncertain and unpredictable, for reasons ranging from globalization to technological change — and consumers’ speed at absorbing that change.

Capital One has already hired over 100 talented engineers, data scientists, user-experience designers, and product managers for its agile development shop in Toronto — that’s industry-speak for a flexible, collaborative, and fast-responsive team. “We’re on a mission to attract the very best in tech talent to help us build digital solutions that simplify and humanize the world of credit cards using human-centered design” says…

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