With one more way, you can make a difference to your website and therefore your business is by using sound SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) principles. Here are some tips :

6 Awesome Tips for Winning at SEO

1. Choose the Correct Keywords

The most important step to take in SEO is to choose the right keywords. Correct keywords automatically lead more traffic to your site. Always make sure that your keywords are used in a way that people usually use.

2. Write outstanding content

Always write excellent content. Write relevant, interesting content. So, that it attracts your readers

3.Optimize the On-Page Experience

Do not overlook the placement of keywords on the page. Also pay attention to blog design, metadata and loading speed of the page.

4.Increase Your Links

Your site will rank high if more people link to your site. For that, you need to have good quality content. You can increase your link chances by creating more backlinks to your site. This is the best way.

5.Measure Your Success

When using SEO tactics to help your website, don’t forget to check and measure the impact the tactics are having on your search results. Test, work out what’s successful, refine, and repeat – do this for as long as it takes to make an impact, and then continue doing it. Measurements are vitally important.

6.Think about performance

 One thing many owners do not think about is the way their site performs. They built sites in Flash not understanding the underlying SEO issues. The output of this is a bad experience, both for users and search engines.

Google gives very importance to quick load time. They’ve even made a tool to help you analyze and optimize your page speed.

If performance is something, you have n’t thought about it before. Pay attention to it now