You want to run an influential blog and make a living online. And I don’t blame you. It’s a fantastic thing to do. However, over the years that I’ve been running online, I have noticed that a lot of the real advantages of blogging are missed by many.

The capital might be the reason you start, but what will drive you for years to come will probably be something else.

Blogging Is Immeasurable Than Any “Regular” Job

It’s always helpful to know what you are getting into, so I want to share some of the ideas why I love blogging so much.

Here is a list to hold you are working on your blog and living the online dream, even while the going gets tough!

1. You Can Earn As Much You Want To Earn

One of the things that used to annoy me when I was “going” for a living was begging for a little pay rise each year. It was always the same, no trouble where I worked. Even if I had operated my butt off, I would still rarely get more than some percent raise. That is just the way it works.

Of course, you can gain a new job or shoot for a promotion, but this is difficult to do and doesn’t happen that often.

With blogging also the online world in general, the control is all yours. Want to work more extended hours, or harder and smarter? You can earn a lot more!

Take a peek at this blog’s monthly earnings – December 2016 was approximately $34,000. That is higher than many of the yearly salaries listed up!

 And, if you decide to hire any help, or get more done and develop your blogging empire, no one is preventing you from earning even more.

It is up to you whatever you do, what you earn, and eventually what your income will be.

How astonishing is that?

2. There Are Multiple Ways To Earn Money

When you consider of blogging, you probably imagine writing blog posts. But, if you want to earn earnest money with your blog, you will have to diversify your income streams. That means increasing the breadth of what you do.

It also means facing lots of challenges and changes and adapting fast. But the benefits are enormous.

You will never get fatigued with the “same old thing.” And, on top of that, you get to choose what you focus on most.

No one is beyond to tell you what needs to be done, or what way “the company” is focusing on right now. That is entirely up to you.

So, if you need to start earning more money from teaching what you know (because you love to show), go for it! Or perhaps you want to sell your knowledge as a service, helping other bloggers or small companies to work with WordPress, social media, or anything else you are good at.

To assist you started, you should check out this post from Harsh with some great ideas. And, if those are not enough, there are over 100 ways I found to start earning money online, most of which are excellent additions or side benefits to owning a blog.

3. Blogging Never Gets Monotonous


Yes, you can choose what you need to do. But you will also learn as you have never learned before.

Blogging, and going online in general, requires such a diverse skill set that it will blow your mind.

You require learning so many skills to blog, including:

  • Running a website.
  • Writing blog posts.
  • Working with social media.
  • Using a variety of online software.
  • Working and collaborating with people.
  • Managing, hiring, and outsourcing.

The stuff I need to learn and focus on seem never to end. In fact, as your blog grows and what you are running on changes, the list of skills you want to have grows and changes.

Boredom is not something I have a problem with anymore!

You will get more, faster, and better than you ever would at a job because you found all the opportunities for growth.

4. You Can Work Anywhere

The People You Meet Are Amazing

I start practice when I get up… after a 1-minute commute!

I stop when I want.

I take a break plus go shopping or head to the gym whenever I feel like it.

You guessed it. I run from home.

As a blogger, you can too.

The great thing about raising your attachment to a job and a location is the independence it brings. Being able to operate at home, or wherever else you like, is usually the first question that comes to mind.

I often work when I am visiting family in Australia, or even when I am on the road traveling. It does not matter. My laptop is my office.

Perhaps you have young children or a dog that needs walking every day. Wouldn’t working from home make your life a whole lot easier (and cheaper – less fuel, less dog walker costs, etc.)?

That is just one scenario. I bet you have your reasons why working from anywhere is pretty impressive.

Try it, and you will know!

5. The People You Meet Are Amazing

The People You Meet Are Amazing

Meanwhile, you are doing what you love; you tend to attract like-minded people. That is one of the enormous benefits of blogging and working independently.

My entire outlook has changed, and with it, so has my circle of friends.

I now look for plus hang out with people who understand how I think and what I do. As well as that, I love discussing new ideas, learning new things, and just being inundated by people with passion.

When I was at my “traditional” job, it was ordinarily the opposite. Sure, some people loved their jobs. However, it was the privilege, not the rule. Also, this is not an inspiring way to use the majority of your life; bored and uninspired.

Meanwhile, you do what you love; your life will never be the same.

Are You Motivated Now?

As I stated at the start of this article, you might have grown into this blogging game to make some money, although there is so much more to it.

Do whatever you want, when you want, and with a salary that you determine. Furthermore never get bored doing the same old thing that people who don’t like what they do end up preparing for so many years.

Also, read:

There is some tough work to be done, including some hard days or weeks to push through, but if you like the sound of these ideas… keep on going!

And I will see you, blogging, on the other side!

What are your favorite things about being a blogger? What helps you stay motivated when the going gets tough? Let me listen to your views in the comments below!

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