Creating world-class immersive experiences for brands, agencies, and media is not something every studio is equipped to do. I’ve worked in gaming and tech for 12 years, most recently creating the Autodesk Live brand, and I’m now at Rewind in the role of general manager to expand the company’s vision as an AR, VR, and MR innovator.

As a brand marketer you’re likely to be pitched augmented, virtual and mixed reality projects daily. Don’t tune them out. Instead, cut to the chase using these five questions to spot the best studios. The good ones can answer these questions simply and explain AR/VR/MR differences in five minutes or less.

How many developers do you have in-house?

To make something great you need great builders, likely more than five. Right now in the AR/VR space, great builders are coming from the gaming industry, rarely the movie industry. Devs should be in-house, not outsourced. These days too many “producers” pitch creative that can’t be built because they don’t have a regular dev team they work with. The quality suffers as they figure out their working relationship on your dime.

Try to find a studio that meets your creative needs and has the build team to execute. This avoids the blame game that is all too common when multiple parties work on a project. In short, get a single company you can hold accountable for great results.

What percent of your revenue comes from AR/VR?

Make them put their money where their mouth is. If AR/VR is a five percent revenue stream tacked on to their larger services, assume they are not taking it seriously. You see this from the bigger…