We saw a lot of wild stuff this year, from the future of electric cars, holograms, and our planet, to the future of… banana phones. As we take a (short) break before January’s Consumer Electronics Show, here’s a look back on Verge Video’s favorite projects of 2017. – Tom Connors

April 9th: The sound of movie monsters

This video all started with a heated convo at lunch between me, audio engineer Andru Marino, and science editor Ale Potenza: two Jurassic Park fanatics versus me.

We really leaned into sound. Andru, our sound engineer, would edit first, as if it were a podcast, and then I would drop footage. We also watched Jurassic Park movies on the weekend… for research. – Alix Diaconis

April 18th: Galaxy S8 Review

The wallpaper we made for our Samsung Galaxy S8 Review has gone on to become one of our most memorable graphics. During a pre-production conversation with James Bareham, our Creative Director, we agreed it would be great to have a wallpaper that helps show off the curved edges of the S8. With the broad idea of “lines,” I sat down, created the design, and after seeing it we suddenly realized: why haven’t we been doing this all along? We make custom wallpapers for a majority of our reviews, which are available to download here.

Bonus: a tutorial on how I made the wallpaper can be found here. – William Joel

June 5th: Walt Mossberg’s gadget museum

This was a series we always wanted to do at some point, and there was no better time than around Walt Mossberg’s retirement. I was lucky to get to work with Walt every week on our podcast Ctrl-Walt-Delete, so they let me edit…