Summer is always so exciting at first. You throw your hoodies into a dumpster, re-install the A.C., and plot a bunch of beachside getaways and kayaking adventures. Maybe you’ll go to the Cape! (Any cape, really, doesn’t matter.) After a while, though, you realize you’ve been sweating like a hog every day for three long months and your skin feels like ungently used cheesecloth. Also, democracy is dying and the bad men are coming back. This year especially, fall feels like a harbinger of magical possibilities. Apple-picking! Hoodies! Pumpkin spice everything! And of course, finally, some new TV shows to watch. (Just kidding, there are always new shows now. It’s not just fall or midseason. It’s all the time.) Prepare to say goodbye to the leaves and hello to the next Tiffany Haddish movie and a new album by Metric. Feel at least a little pulled back from the brink of heatstroke yet? No? Well then, keep reading on for Fast Company‘s September Creative Calendar and forget that whole summer bit even happened.