The worst year for tech that most of us can remember in a long, long time is finally over. It is perhaps best summarized as the year the tech backlash finally came of age, setting in motion a long-overdue reckoning.

That’s not to say anyone has learned any fundamental lessons or changed any behavior. We have yet to see whether the protective bubble surrounding Silicon Valley has finally been punctured enough to let a touch of enlightenment seep through.

But before we hack off the gangrene limb that was 2017 and move along, let’s take a moment to review the horror show that was the tech industry in hopes that someone, somewhere will learn some important lessons and evolve into something more closely resembling a human being.

1. Juicero: Making fun of this overhyped startup can feel like shooting entrepreneurs in a barrel. But toppling this expensive smoothie maker seemed almost too easy when Bloomberg posted a video showing how one can simply squeeze the juice bags and get the same result as buying a $400 Juicero. The company never recovered, and it shut down in September. The $118 million in venture capital the company raised resulted in a big, fat nothingburger.

2. Bodega: Just a couple of weeks after Juicero closed, along came Bodega to take its place as Silicon Valley’s most-hated startup. The story might echo that of Juicero because in both cases the founders seemed convinced they were doing something wildly revolutionary when it was obvious to the average human that this not the case. Bodega offered lofty, visionary product statements to describe what is essentially a smarter…